Friday, February 22, 2008

The swell is here and waves are up around the 5-6 foot mark. I have to say though, it’s pretty wonky and requires grooming from the early westerly offshore. Didn’t really see many good waves that didn’t close out or pork up along the beaches in the east (7am to 9am). Combined with an approaching 10am high tide of 1.76m, it’s really not the best time to be out this morning (fat). Later today hopefully it will neaten up; tide will drop and be fun. However the NE wind will blow a howling 18 – 23 knots. Not such great light for shooting – overcast, and we’re looking at a top of 29 degrees. Swell is from the ENE, so best surf somewhere facing that way. Weekend will be fun, smaller than today, 3-4 foot, but we’ve got waves for the next 4 days – spread yourselves up and down the coast and enjoy.

aquabumps gallery
The Aquabumps Gallery is open for business as usual all weekend. 10am to 4pm. 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi. map

rogue shorey
In NSW, the Christmas of 2007 we had an abnormally large north swell, generated from cyclone activity in Queensland. It pumped for 8 days straight for the 1st week of Jan. Stoked. The north coast of NSW scored the brunt of this holiday swell and point breaks lit up for days. I shot a series of shorebreak shots on a beach that is normally a calm boat ramp. Some people say they look like Waimea Bayshorey. It’s was around 4-5 foot, but very heavy. After shooting some black and whites from the shore I tried to shoot it from the water with little success. The prints are now in the gallery and for sale…come see.

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