Tuesday, 26 February 2008

fools gold
At day break you would have rocked over the hill and saw lines stacked into the bay. Dang. 4 foot solid. But after spending 10 mins watching the sets you would’ve realised its fools gold today at Bondeye. Damn straight. South swell. Unrideable straight-handers. I barely saw a wave that didn’t closeout. So what a perfect day to smoke the chariot out of town to a reef break, or somewhere with decent banks. Wind: NW/NE 5/10 kts at first, increasing to N/NE 18/23 kts fine day with showers and thunderstorms later. Max 26. High tide 12:20pm low tide 6:30am. There is going to be swell all week – but nemesis onshore SE looks like it could flank Wed – Friday.

Fern Levack

surf map artwork
My mate Damo is the biggest frotha on the planet. He disappears for days searching for waves and is stoked with 2 foot Voey. His wife Fern (hot artist) has create a surf map of his local area so he can always find his way home. They are amazing, following the contours of a girls face. Mega. You just gotta see them. I have one. So I thought I’d write about them so you can have one.They’re limited edition intaglio etchings if you know your stuff…
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