Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I love these 2-3 foot onshore Bondi days. Barely anyone out and hackable lefts in the corner. Winds will increase later today – making a mess of things – so now is good. Last two days have been cooking (especially in the northern corner of Bondeye – shows over now though)…Tomorrow 8.0 sec SE swell with light northerlies. Small but could be fun…

*let’s get plastered
 A wise person once said to me, never use the power of my 28,000 daily readers for personal reasons…yep…well…WHATEVER, I am renovating and need a plasterer real bad, the best one in town, and need him pretty damn soon…no shonkies, the real deal (gyprocking, plastering, square setting). If you know anyone – flick me his number. Oh and my 4wheeeler is rusting apart – bits are falling of it – so anyone wants to donate a new car to Aquabumps that’ll suit me just fine. No I don’t need a work experience kid. Even if you ring me 10 times a day (not unless your old man is a plaster). Thanks for the 50 resumes in 2 weeks.

*the happening Art, Film, Music Festival @ bondi
A bunch of really talented people are having a big night in Bondi to kick off their world tour. It’s called “The Happening”. It combines tunes by people like MATT COSTA, art by THOMAS CAMPBELL, JOE CURREN, KOPPS, and films like THE PRESENT and SLIDING LIBERIA. QUIKY are behind it and the coin goes to a good ’cause  – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. March 14, 2008 6pm @ Bondi Openair at Bondi Beach Pavilion – you need to buy tickets online – 35 big ones. Adios, ::Ugios

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