Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Since it was bucketing down this morning when I got up to shoot, thought I’d show you recent pics from peak summer. Ah yes, it’s quite amazing how many people you can fit on 1 kilometre of sand.

11am update
After a quick 11am check down the south end of Bondi, the waves have improved and producing 3-4 foot belters. Yep we got waves kids. Ok and a bit of rainwater runoff funny bizo pouring into the lineup, but it’s really quite glassy and consistent. Shame the banks are a bit straight…

shark attack up north
Tragic news about the 16 year old boy taken by a Bull Shark up near Ballina. Just unbelievable. SMH website

bondi barefoot
Bondi barefoot is on again this year. 4th May 2008 at 9am. You can choose either 4k or for the hard core softie junkies 10km. Click here

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