Thursday, 10 April 2008

TV reception in Tamarama isn’t that great at the best of times. So when I called up requesting cable, hell I didn’t think a ship would park in the bay spewing cable out into the line up. Watching Bondi Rescue is going to be crystal clear from now on.

Surf is looking pretty darn good today. 3 foot, clean, consistent, a little bit weak because of the swell’s small period. But it’s the best it’s been in quite some time now. Swell is coming from the ESE and winds are offshore SW swinging onshore this afternoon. Water is a balmy 22 and its going to be 23 on the land. Best time to surf – now, will be messy later today. On the radar: next weeks looks hot (Tuesday/Wednesday with a new east swell)

Lost Boys
For months I’ve seen this bloke walk around North Bondi in his pyjamas telling me how busy he was on writing his first novel. Local boy and controversial SMH journalist, Sam de Brito, has now launched his book – Lost Boys (which has a great photograph on the cover by the way). The book is based on the truths of the local Bondi boys who have never grown up. The Australian described it as “a discontinuous narrative so delicious you want to kiss it.” “I mean it. Reading this novel, as a male reader, is like taking the heartfelt kiss of the world’s most gorgeous girl right after she has spewed through her nose in a Bondi hotel toilet. It’s ugly, but the underlying truth is what counts. On the other hand, if you are a female reader, it equates to the exhilaration of hearing your guy tell you the truth at last,” said reviewer Nigel Krauth (the Australian). read review | facebook

On that note…have a great day, get some waves:: uge

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