Friday, 11 April 2008

corner bumps
What a sensational morning with a low ceiling of cloud creating a nice little sunrise – great colours. At the other end of the beach, a crowded little peak in the corner was puttin’ on a few 2 foot fun ones. Super crowded with boards flung in every direction. Chaos. Keep the Ambulance on speed dial.

This SE south will swing around to the east over the weekend, Saturday will be much smaller, but Sunday the swell should come back. Early next week looks like great fun. Super clear water yesterday @ Bondi around 2pm…like Fiji.

margaret river drug aware pro
10 foot , triple head high today for the Margaret River Pro. Could be some of the largest and most powerful surf for a Australia surf comp. Here’s a link to live vision to distract you on this slack Friday afternoon.

aquabumps gallery
We’re open as usual for business all weekend 10am to 4pm, 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi NSW 2026 Telephone (02) 9130 8371 more

bondi board riders
First comp of the season kicks off this Sunday April 13 at 7am (South Bondi). You are all welcome to join, download membership form or club’s homepage

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