Christian Tana

4 degrees

Still hanging on the west coast of Australia, we’ve got another all-day-offshore-affair with 3 footers in the Perth metro. Down south would be smokin’ right now…but there are still plenty of uncrowded waves very close to the city. Take this little right hander for example…no one out when we pulled up at 7:30am. Every few minutes a set wave would throw a head high lip. I guess the 4 degree morning is keeping most people in bed…

East Coast

Looks like that great run of swell in Sydney has slowed. Bondi is 2 foot and fading. Tomorrow and Wednesday look unsurfable and Thursday afternoon the ground swell returns.


A wide range of people read Aquabumps. I have to say I’d never dreamt 28,000 people would be interested in this little corner of the net – it just started out as an email between mates in 1999. Now there are readers all over the globe, from a Chinese factory worker in Beijing, to Mary a Great grandmother in US to a pack of cheeky groms in Brazil (who keep on sending me creepy fotos). Hats off to you Mary hope the eye gets better – this lady has been emailing me for years…

“I have fully enjoyed receiving Aquabumps for the past several years. I thank you for sending the very interesting pictures etc. I must ask you to discontinue sending Aquabumps to me due to the fact that I am having a severe eye problem and find it very difficult to read e-mail etc. I am 86 years old and have so enjoyed receiving Aquabumps over the time…My grandson and his family live in Sydney and hopefully my great grandson will be surfing when he gets abit older!!!! I shall expect to see him on a board before long!” Mary, Yarmouth Port, Mass. USA

Head high on sets

The groms

Backwash Lip Launch

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