Ian Wallace rippin'

south swell

Plenty of swell energy around, well…predominantly breaking in the 3 foot range, but quality wasn’t there. Bondi’s small time sand banks couldn’t handle anything above 2 foot – closing out straight. But nice conditions with sunshine, light offshore westerly and relatively warm water – or it may just be my new steamer. Similar tomorrow. Solid on the weekend.


On our recent trip to Mentawais (which was smoking by the way), it struck me that the man grommets are getting old. All the boys bitch’d and moaned about their crook backs at the end of every session. Back deck warm-ups look more like a yoga class. Which focuses me to our discussion today – Yoga & surfing. Well research shows that doing yoga will enable you to surf longer – pain free – and more agile. (and you don’t have to wear skin tight latex in class – not unless you’re a Page brother). Samudra do Yoga & Surf retreats all around the world. We sent well known journo Anneli Knight, (the world’s most enthusiastic woman) to a week of heathy livin’ up at their recent Byron Bay Yoga + surf retreat to see what’s it all about. Read Article

Perth Standlick

Morning Froth

Wal hacking it

Don Norris from Real Surf

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