Hand drag


Today is not a surf day full stop.

Onshore mush, grey and rainy with no swell.

Sunday afternoon and Monday are looking like the next promising days. Until then perhaps watch the stock market spasms, de-wax boards ready for warmer water or watch the new taylor steele surf flick (stranger than fiction)

Today’s shots are from those islands….the Mentawais, at a mechanical left that is worth dreaming about in these dire surf conditions. Lets go back ::uge

Chasing down the line to make the section.

Jimmy K loving the front side

Shadow rider skimming through a mechanic pit

Water twist

One thought on “submerge

  1. Hey Uge,

    Big fan of your work. When I can’t surf here in NY, your emails get me through the day. I was wondering if you ever offer any wallpapers. Being a broke ass grad student, I can’t afford any of your awesome prints. But for instance, I think that first picture from today (10/28 “hand drag”) would make an absolutely siiick desktop background.

    Anyway, just wondering…keep shooting awesome photos.


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