A camera shy Simon hiding from the lens

glass addition

2pm yesterday we received a spike in swell bringing joy to the weekend warriors. Bondi had a fun (fat) 2 footer on offer until night fall.

Unfortunately the swell has dissipated overnight, its now breaking around 1-2 feet and very close to shore. Still marginally surfable but today is probably the smallest day of this week so conserve your energy.

See…your week is going to pan out like this,(I think)…sunshine will bake today to 28 degrees, swim after work, later tonight a south change will appear, clouds will thicken and a HOWLING 20-30 knot southerly will blow your washing into the neighbours.

This big blow will bring swell for tomorrow, so when you wake up it should be 4 foot but with a 7 sec interval (aka. windswell – not quality). Wednesday, Thursday, Friday look much much better with 9-10 second intervals, 4-5 foot waves at Bondi, and northerly winds for most. So this is going to be the best week of surfing we’ve had for a while now…enjoy it.


Our friends at bagladies.com.au are giving 10 Sandbags to the first 10 customers this week in the gallery (as in customers that buy stuff – not just walk in the door).

A day for the groms...

Water temps. are getting better

The small peak in the corner

Mandy's morning ritual - morning hard sand

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