Phil Hall enjoying the wave of the day


Amazing day. Sun is blaring. But just no waves.

This mini east swell is only trickling 1-2 footers on the middle bank of Bondi. High tide is killing it.

Other beaches in the eastern suburbs share the same fate. Maybe the Bra may have a shorey…but really it’s a swim day. Maybe a dribble wave later tonight (east). Max 26 degrees today.

Miss Bondi 2008

Yep, Miss Bondi 2008 is coming up. 30th Nov, 7th Dec and 14th Dec. They’re looking for contenders…email Monique

Pancakes. no waves, but nice day

Claire out for the morning session

Perfect roundness

Liquid Carve

4 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. Hi Danny, water shots – yep, will be getting back into those…but the waves haven’t been that great. Sometimes swimming around in bad waves is very unrewarding. I’ve also been pretty hectic with the opening of another gallery…so don’t worry – will get back in there – soon. uge

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