Unknown ripping for the heavens

the wet northerlies

The start of a new NE swell has arrived. And so has the rain. Bondi had a wonky waist high wave, not really doing much. The wintery weather was quite off-puttin’ – barely anyone out. Other beaches looked average as well.

Swell is due to increase today, hittin’ the 3-4 foot heavens at exposed NE beaches. Tomorrow looks like a better option, 8 second period, ENE swell, Northerly winds early – quite strong (15-20 knots). Water is freezing…that north wind ocean current thingie is on again. Rubberup.

Feels like we haven’t had pumping waves in quite some time. Maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places…(have been tied to Bondi lately). Here are 5 photos that make me want to go for a wave::uge

How good is this tube...April 2007

The step at Smith's is like a bucking horse

A meaty hook throwing the buckets

Nothing like raking off the bottom to find a lip like this

One thought on “the wet northerlies

  1. Smiths is a great wave, peeling r/h on its day and always a steady mal left on just about any day, then up the beach there’s more, lovin WA surf, G man

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