Low tide chat


The swell has dropped as the thermometer soars sky high. A fat 38 degrees forecasted for today so join 30,000 other people on Bondi beach for the afternoon’s bake. At 6:30am you could already feel the intensity of the heat…it’s going to be a scorcher.

Waves were 1-2 foot at Bondi and very, very weak. Busy as well. Beginners lettin’ rip – be careful of the loose boards.

Swell is still from the ENE so other beaches like The Bra would be picking up more swell. Winds will swing from NW to NE 10-15 knots before BANG – a south change of 20-30 knots will cool this town down and clear the beach within minutes (always a good to watch the beach go from a dreamy beach scene into 30 knots of chaotic rage, brollies flying down Curlewis Street, buses packed with escapees)

Tomorrow will not be a surf day whilst Saturday has some new south swell (3-4 foot), but the wind will be 20 knots (South onshore). Should be good fun on Sunday with south swell and NE wind combo.

Souled Out

Watch the latest arty surf films at Bondi Surf Bather’s Lifesaving Club Wed 21st Jan – 8 pm. 1 night only in Bondi. www.souledout.net.au

Happy Birthday Christian (mad dog)

Morning Surf Check

1-2 foot, weak and small

Wheres ya boss?

Swellnet doing some morning research

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