Storm skies painted over ben Buckler


There are not many days in the year where Bondi beach is unsurfable. Well today is one of those days. It was barely breaking this morning…and yep…there were still people out there optimistically bobbing up and down in case of a freak 1 foot set. Fughedaboutit and crank out some work. Thick clouds coat the skies and the probability for rain is high. Tomorrow sports fine weather as it starts to clear this afternoon. Next swell arrives tomorrow night. We hope. Friday looks good.

Random dribbles: Glenn Orgias:: the shark attack victim at Bondi has lost the fight to keep his hand. On Sunday they had operate again after circulation problems. A tragedy. Karl Timms:: local real estate guru and regular surfer spotted a shark under him last night around 7:30pm. He described it at about 7 foot long…sighting was confirmed by a neighboring surfer and then whole pack paddled ashore. Pinkie :: very popular sunrise yesterday. Real Pink. Cracker. You can order a framed print online from the Aquabumps Gallery. Quiky Pro :: it’s off tomorrow due to bad conditions, maybe back on tomorrow. In the meantime you can watch highlights of the past heats via BIGPOND TV. Can even watch it directly on your mobile phone.

The Clean green

Can you believe people camp here...happily brushing teeth

Clear visions of recent. Come back Summer

The boys have come early to pick me up for Mentawais

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