The new surfing reserve pumping out a decent right

Morning Sickness

The talked up swell arrived and Bondi is working at 4-5 foot range. Nice. It has morning sickness though, choppy, bumpy and swells not lining up. At sunrise Bondi didn’t look that special so we took a spin down to the newest National Surfing reserve better known at The ‘Nulla. Thinking it would be lining up a bit better down there it still had plenty of wonk. The Alley had a decent right with a large crowd, and the Wanda banks had the size but no banks…

Best wait until it settles down as this new swell is still sorting itself out. There is plenty of swell over the weekend…no need to rush down.

High tide 5:40am, low tide 11:38am, water warm 22, land max 24 degrees, winds: Variable 5/10 kts at first, tending SE/NE 10/15 kts in the afternoon :: uge

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm at the new location 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach (right in the thick of it). We’ve converted an old driveway/mechanics yard in a gallery. Its big. Real big. Telephone +61 2 9130 7788

PS – careful surfing Bondi. I was out there last night and I have never seen so many fish in the bay.

Big floater, grabbin' the rail and pray for the best

Never coming out of this cave

Sunshine attempting to break thru

big crowds out for this talked up swell

3 thoughts on “Morning Sickness

  1. Hi Uge team,
    I lurve your gallery and surf site. So please don’t destroy it with real estate ads (not even for realty mates). It flatlines the Acquabumps site into becoming just another ‘Real Estate For Sale’ billboard. I believe it’s just not worth destroying the true spirit of the site for that, unless of course you are planning to diversify your brand’s advertising plan. Stay true to your pictorial and editorial focus, keep it clean, honest and surf related – it’s a real winner.
    Marina Joy (Producer/Writer, P.O. Box 1206, Bondi Junction NSW 1355)

  2. Hi Marina, thanks for taking the time to give me feedback. Appreciate your comments.

    For the first 5 years of Aquabumps we didn’t have any advertising. I loved the clean ad-free independant look. Then the database grew and grew and grew. With so many people hitting this site comes large operating expenses (hosting). Uploading the daily images now takes around 4 hrs to shoot, write, send, update etc. Which is a good part of the day – so basically I need to generate income from the site – advertising has become an important part of keeping the site going (and keep it FREE for readers). Free!

    I hear your concerns about the type of ads I put on the site, and don’t want my site to turn into a Wentworth courier – full of property ads. That will never happen. I rarely sell real estate ads, But they’re always the ones with the decent ad spend budgets.

    Also, property ads are the most clicked thru type of ad on my site. (doesn’t mean I’ll put more – I only allow a maximum of 1 real estate ad per week). Hope this all makes sense.

    thanks, uge

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