Luke Fermage letting rip


With 10-15 knots of early easterly winds it’s pretty junkie out there. At least there are waves in the 2-3 foot range…nothing special. Maybe wait for tomorrows swell spike.

Parko is Back!

Joel Parkinson (AUS) has just won the Quiksilver Pro up at Superbank in style scoring a perfect 10 with a massive tube. Could this be his year? A great start to the tour – well done Parko. Tropical cyclone Hamish whipped up some swell for the final day of competition (6-8 foot). Watch the final replays between Parko and Adriano De Souza (the little pocket rocket Brazilian) – bigpondtv (can even watch it on your mobile) ::uge

Lock up your daughters, its Mick Malouf

Wal carving around the camera

Alex Kiss out for his morning ritual

Shot from the chopper, rare angle

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