Blurry fades


There was a 3 foot set out the back of South Bondi earlier this morning. The massive 1.85m high tide(8:30am) put plenty of fat into this SE swell. You’d need to wait until the tide drops (low 3pm). Winds are a unfavourable EAST (10-15 knots) – which pretty much gets into everywhere. All in all, not that great, surfable…just average.

Not a sole out before sunrise today. Dem sharks spooking most crew.

Quiky Pro On Today

They’re on again today from 10:30am – you can watch it live right now at Looks like 3-4 foot up at Kirra Point (very overcast). Julian Wilson, this year’s wild card has eliminated Kelly Slater from the comp. The young guns are flaring up.


Bit more action towards the end of the week (Thursday + Friday). Until then, same same…and quite a bit of rain.

PS – I know I am not meant to use this mailing list for personal reasons, but I’m selling a whole pile of boards. Some brand new and going dirt cheap. This week – 6’1” brand spanka on ebay

Golden morning light

Been some great sunrises lately

Baking the fish down the line.

From the chopper: Crowds enjoying the water clarity

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