Could be the best sunrise of the year - sensational sunrise

Bondi Colour

The changing seasons always present spectacular sunrises. This morning at 6am a spotted thin cloud strewn across the bay – about to light up. And light up it did. For about 15 minutes the morning walkers were blessed with strong hues of pinks and purples. Then by 7am the technicolour visions dull to a flat grey. Shows over. Could be one of the best ones for 2009. Look forward to getting the slabs of film back. It may be a good time to update your computers desktop wallpaper so grab a big version of the cracker sunrise here.

Today’s pictures were all shot from the same point due to the fact that I had around 40 kgs of camera gear on me – sans Sherpa. Swell is from the NE which neglects Bondi, so its only 1-2 foot. Wind was up early but offshore at Bondage and onshore at beaches facing the energy. Bra would have had a funky wave – just an attempt to get wet.

Thanks for all the best wishes on 10 years of Aquabumps. Huge array of comments from all over the globe can be read here. (even from Russia!)

Buckler 2 Bra – Bondi Wins!

Last Saturday, Bondi played host to the Bucker to Bra teams challenge. Open to all teams from Sydney’s city beaches, the event attracted South Maroubra, Maroubra Surfers Association, Bronte Boardriders, and the local team, Bondi Boardriders.

Originally started in 2001 by local surfer Ben Davies, the event hadn’t been held for some time until Brad Malyon, Brad Morgan, and Mark Bennett took up the job again. The boys did an outstanding job organising the tag team format and put on a very professional event resplendent with taco stand, DJ’s from Bondi FM, and chiropractic services for surfers between heats.

The competition was based on 15 surfers per/team (9 opens, 1 cadet, 1 junior, 1 over 35, 1 over 40, and 1 over 45). After Maroubra and South Maroubra were knocked out in the first two rounds, the final was held between Bondi and Bronte (recent state champions), in 2 foot waves. After 1 hour of very close surfing, which included a great show-down between local boy Mick Marjenovic and WCT surfer Tom Whittaker, the Bondi Boys managed to snare victory.

The event is slated for annual inclusion in the surfing calendar from now on, which is news to all involved as a great day was had by all.

Mentawais – Spare Spot

May 1 – 13, 2009 I am making my annual pilgrimage to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. We have had a cancellation so a spare spot may exist. If you’d like to come, $4380 for 12 days (excluding air fare to PDG). Boat: Tengirri (my usual). Looking for low maintenance person to join 5 other top blokes – Register Interest

How quickly it changes...5mins later

Wait 20 mins for a set and you get burnt. Only at Bondi

You'll be waiting a while for a set fellas

slow shutter experiments on the swimmers

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  1. Uge,
    how about adding some technical photo data to the bottom of your photos like camera, lens, shutter speed, focal length, iso speed etc for us budding photographers. ???

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous wallpaper – and belated birthday greetings – have been cheered up by your emails for the last 5 years from grey London to sunny Dubai – never been a surfer but your email let’s me know how the weather and beach is for my little sister in Oz – love it.

  3. Hi Uge,
    thanks for the desktop pic…it really brightens up the office : ) as do your emails…Happy Birthday!

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