When its on the locals put on a show

The Goo

You’ve gotta love Bali.

It just seems to have everything; waves, nightlife, warm water, incredible accommodation, friendly locals and all for a decent price.

The waves have been pretty flat lately, but a recent swell spike fired up the Goo (4-5 foot sets). Big crowds in the water from all over the globe. (there is crew in the line up from countries where I didn’t think there was surf). Should be some decent waves in Bali on Wed – so the warung whispers go.

Doesn’t look like I am missing any swell back home.


Luke Wyllie trimming down the line looking for the sweet spot

$5 a day for a motorbike - the only way to get around

The joint is full of pros these days

Not bad for a small to medium swell

One thought on “The Goo

  1. Canggu!
    Drop by the Mannekepis for some buttered fish and homemade brownies if you haven’t had their delicacies yet!

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