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I reckon I know Bali pretty well. Been here 25 times now (yeah medal please). The amazing thing about this Indonesian paradise is that there is always something you haven’t seen before. Take today, a little exploring through a very poor village/bronx, fang right at the guy walking the cow, left at the chook fighters, then left past the ladies working in the quarry and you’ll discover a remote private beach only accessible by cable car. Sure you’ve gotta cough up $50 to get down the 200 metre high cliffs and enjoy a beach formed in a crack on the south end of the island – but when you get there – well – it’s another world. Blue water, frozen margaritas, gourmet pizza, Ibiza styled beats … ahh we’ve found a little slice of paradise – let’s call it Nammos (I’m not going to make it that easy for you to find – there were only 2 people on the beach when we rocked up).

Waves? Yep there were waves up here today. It’s packed though. 80 crew out at Ulus fighting over the ending section. Not my cup of tea. Get that at home in Bondi. Swell is rising fast and tomorrow should be cranking.

I have dozens of emails requesting info on Bali. Where to stay blah blah. I will release some notes of my findings when I get back. I’m currently stays at Mick’s Place in Bali – and it’s pretty amazing.

P.s. The Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am to 6pm daily (closed mondays only) Telephone 02-9130 7788

Situated in a crack in the cliffs, accessible only by cable car

Swimmer cam

Doing it tough I know.

Oh yeah, there is waves too!Guy Morgan from Sth Africa

11 thoughts on “Nammos

  1. mate that’s an AMAZING beach.
    will definitely go on an adventure to find it next time bali pops up in the schedule.
    hard life much?

  2. Just quietly, are you sure you’re not a swimsuit photographer under the guise of ‘aquabumps’? Oh I get it now, aqua BUMPS.

  3. I am in Bali at the moment, think I saw you in the water Ulu on Thursday. It is place the old Bali Cliff motel which has closed down at the moment for renos. but the cable car looks different?

  4. Na not the old Bali Cliff. New spot. Never heard of it before this trip.

    I am back now – and its raining in Sydney. Wish I was still up there!

  5. Unfortunately another hotel that has been built on the cliff of the Bukit destroying the natural beauty and claiming ownership of the beach. Pity they couldn’t follow Mick’s Place and blend in with the natural environment. Don’t give these guys any customers! Boycott them! Regards, Jason Childs

    1. Hi again Jason,

      Thanks for your previous reply.

      I now believe that the guy wearing the dark sunglasses on the barstool in Bali is not me. For starters, I don’t remember that particular T-shirt, and my friends have pointed out that his moustache curls down at the sides of the mouth whereas mine doesn’t (and never has), and also he seems taller than me (although this is not very easy to judge since he is sitting down).

      Did you know him personally when you took the photo ? It looks like he might be posing for the camera. I would like to track him down and meet him since he appears to be my Doppelganger double. Any help in locating him would be appreciated.

      Carolyn Webb’s article paints a rather grim picture of Bali these days: dirty beaches, polluted seawater containing sewage, congested traffic, broken down infrastructure, scammers, corrupt police, and very aggressive hawkers that won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Sounds like Bali is not as good as it used to be, many years ago. (?)


  6. jason, did the put a hotel up at this nammos beach? im keen to check it out, but was at dreamland last year and it was disgusting…


    1. Hi Jason,

      I think you took a photo of me many years ago in Bali. It is a photo of a bottle of Bintang and a half-empty glass located on a bar. It was located at an outside street bar, on the sidewalk. There is a guy on a rear bar-stool wearing dark sunglasses with his hands behind his neck/head looking directly at the camera. I think that person is me.

      The photo appeared in an article titled ‘Bali: why bother ?’ by Carolyn Webb. Do you know what year you took the photograph ?

      I have only been to Bali once, so if you didnt take the photograph in the year that I was there then I must have a double !


      1. Hi Gary, Thanks for the email. I can’t remember what year that photo was taken. So easy with digital files to know everything! Bali’s still a great place, just every different now. Hope to see you at the beach again in Bali one day. Best regards, Jason

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