Sneaking one down to Padangs

Warung Bumps

The mid week peak in swell is rapidly decreasing up here in Bali. You’ll still find waves at big name breaks like Uluwatu which was packed today. Waves broke around 3-4 foot on the incoming tide. Low tide can be pretty shifty at Ulus…and I’ve got holes in my feet to prove it. Don’t think there will be much to surf tomorrow on Padang Padang side…Good old Nusa Dua would always have something being the swell magnet of this island.

Looks like there are some decent waves back home. Nice. And good weather. Lucky.
Massive swell hitting Sunday – WOW.

Back in Bondi this weekend to shoot some big stuff.


PS – colours may be way off in today’s shots. Bali internet cafe PCs are not the best.

Nothing like kicking back watchin' the cyclinders roll thru

Just as the name suggests - impossible sections

Low tide sunset swimmers

Photographers everywhere up here now

2 thoughts on “Warung Bumps

  1. hey uge! im there in 3 weeks lookin the goods…. ive stayed at micks place back in 09 and 2000when i was living in darwin,only good if you have a girl in toe! first met mick in 95 just when he was building his first 1 tel him mick malouf says gday such a awsome spot. enjoy!

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