The bay from high above


Hope you had a good long weekend and enjoyed the surprise swells of yesterday. There is nothing better than fronting up to your local beach discovering its 3 foot when the forecast is for dead flat. Where did that swell come from?

Well today is back to tiny surf conditions. Bondi was struggling to produce anything over the waistline. Fantastic morning conditions, clean and offshore. It must be snowing in those mountains as the winter chill is now packing some bite. Currently 15 degrees, min 9 and max 17.

For 10 years I’ve shot pictures of Bondi… well…today’s from a new angle, elevated 8 storeys high, bang in the middle of Campbell Parade. Yep, from the penthouse of new The Bondi building (the new Aquabumps office) – if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Sorry about the late update today. I don’t have a decent excuse.

Have a great (short week) ::uge

Micro sets dribbling their way to the beach

Nice little wall on the right

The peak in the south...nothin' much else out there

Hypercolour tube

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