Just cruzin' in the gold


There is something special about this time of year. June is the best month to be shooting Bondi. The winter solstice is in full swing and the sun now rises side on to the beach, blanketing rich golden light. Bondi is also quiet and calm with only a hand full braving the 7 degrees this morning (yes Garry Beath, I know you were body surfing in the middle).

Surf conditions were small (1-2 foot) and super clean with a grooming offshore. Small crew out on a solo peak in the southern end, mainly beginners on mals.

After reviewing the swell/weather charts there is a dramatic increase today. 4pm the swell will crank from 1-2 footers to 3-4 footers. Then tomorrow it will be around 6 foot (from the south). Combining this increase with WSW offshores we’re in for a real treat. Friday looks similar.

The Mentawais have a 21 second boomer swell heading in their direction (it will be on fire around the 15th June). Best jump on a place and get up there.


Long shadows as the sun rises side on to the beach

Ian Wallace making the most of the small conditions

Perfect conditions for Lil' Jack Adams (shoulder high!)

Butch waiting for his boss to come back from a frosty swim

2 thoughts on “Crisp

  1. Love that golden light on Bondi. Miss the place so much after our 2 month stay- opening your pics every day from my computer with great views of Eastern Pyrennees.

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