Fresh foot prints...looks like a pair of Ugg boots


There is plenty of stock in the swell department but wave quality is poor (3-4 footers). Bumpy, lumpy, wonky and onshore. In saying that I just saw 2 guys get decent (Bondi) barrels, and then no one got a wave for 30 mins. Go figure. Perhaps wait for the new NNE swell hitting this weekend.

Its was dark and cloudy all morning, but I waited for the sun to pop through a small hole in the clouds. The light only lasted for about 3 mins – then back to darkness.

Keep dry…rain forecast for today and tomorrow ::uge

Shadow joggers

Random (bondi style) barrel

Amazing cloud formations - volatile weather

Check out how wobbly this wave is. Unpredictable

3 thoughts on “Nasty

  1. Uge – any chance you can share with me your camera settings and which lense(s) you used for 11917, 18 and 20? These are so so bloody brilliant!!!

  2. Nothing that interesting in the camera settings. F6.3 ISO 400 17mm to 40mm with polariser on the Canon 1ds Mark3.

    Its more about the burst of light that happened. Don’t get caught up in the other stuff – just be there at the right time watching the right light.

    Cheers, uge

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