Golden Burst of light, before dulling to greydom


After a short burst of golden light its toned back to greydom. Stormy conditions and a medium range swell hitting from the south. Bondi is harnessing the favourable swell direction and breaking 4-5 foot out the back. Even though the wind has dropped and its semi-clean, its still unsettled and random. A few guys paddled right out the back off Icebergs early, scoring the odd long right, but now it’s completely empty. So if you like 4 foot bumpy Bondi on your own – now is your time!

The place to be RIGHT now – BALI + Mentawais, it’s cranking. Off the hook….Padang Padang 8-10 foot today. I don’t even want to think about what is going on in the islands.


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2 Spare on Mentawai Trip

No – don’t worry, I am not going again – wouldn’t do that to you… Thought about it though. A mate of mine has booked Charter boat Tengirri for a 12 day tour in the magical islands (which are smoking today). They leave port August 7 and back on the 19th. There is 2 spare spots on this tour. Email Jon Jon Hamilton if ya keen (not me) – If you just got retrenched this should be high on your priority list

Rogue set breaking out the back. Decent chunk

A wobbly wave randomly breaking out the back

The Professor sweeping off the bottom

Jono, on the road to no where

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