Hot bowl section on the inside - go on, get in there

Anti Climax

I think we all got a little bit too excited about the prospects of a decent surf this morning. At sunrise, the predicted swell increase didn’t really eventuate…

Seeing the swell was ESE – thought the northern beaches would be a good idea. Manly was probably the best pick as the swell started to finally kick in (by the time we had to leave) and the tide got lower. Big crowd out at Manly though, must be a public holiday over there when the swell comes up. Dee Why had a close outs (3ft), Narrabeen – unsettled and weak (3ft) – Curly (2-3 ft – okish)…

I think this afternoon is going to be better than the morning – that’s if the high tide doesn’t kill it. W/NW winds all day.( Evil high tide 4pm, low tide 9:15am). Tomorrow the swell will already decline. No big deal – it wasn’t that special anyway. I am more excited about the thumpin’ south swell hittin’ this weekend.

Issue 295 of Surfing World is out now. New editor Blakey is a top writer…love his stuff ::uge

PS – my car is going cheap on ebay (and Scooter too). Auctions end in a few hours.

The Man Grommets..still frothing

Assisted air

The place to be...nice bank at Nth Steyne

Not really doing it but still surfable

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