Alcohol Free Zone - Dry July is coming


A lot of people think we just hang out at the beach all day. Not all day…like to…anyway… I’d thought we’d go through a pretty standard day here in Aquabumps.

6am: Roll over and check cloud content above Ben Buckler – it’s pretty dark. Thin cloud with a gap along the horizon – bingo – looks like it’s going to fire up. Load up with cameras, tripods and all kinds of crap, roll down the hill and set up. Wait for the peak of colour intensity – and yes, its turns on, but only for about 5 minutes – bright hues splash across the bay. Click. Chat to morning walkers. Shoot about 100 images – mostly on slow speeds and tiny apertures. Move around to the Bergs…then South Bondi…chat to morning joggers…answer questions about Bali…click…old boy wants to look down the lens see the magnification of the zoom…click…haul ass back to crib to pick up water shooting gear and new E-Bomb Rip Curl Suit (yep, that’s a blatant plug)…set up a 200mm in the water housing…test it in the sink…roll back down the hill…light goes sour/grey by the time I get back…wait to see if the light comes back…watch it…talk to morning joggers…give some camera advice to a random…decide conditions crap…roll back up the hill and then complain about how the light disappeared to lady friend…think about going for a surf – but it’s way too small. Was bigger last night. Wonder when this new south swell is going to hit. Rock up to gallery. Gallery manager is ill. Open gallery for a busy day – end of Financial year – last chance to buy some office artwork and claim on your ’09 tax return (remember you get GST component back as well as 50% reduction for capital purchasers i.e. office artwork). Try upload report from 9:30am to 2pm but phone won’t stop ringing (which is good – don’t get me wrong)…

So we’re not on the beach all day. If you’d like to know what happens around here – follow us on twitter for the inside word.

Swell hits tomorrow, nothing today ::uge

Sky lit up for only a few minutes today

Cold morning to be standing around in Speedos.

Ghost riders

Icebergs glow

6 thoughts on “Illuminate

  1. glad you cought the mornin light,i saw it driving to work, amazing! im also doing dry july ……. already got the shakes jus thinkin about it…

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