Looks like Benny Lucas snuck out from baby duties

The colours of Bondi

The swell has finally swung south and Bondi is squeezing the most of a micro swell. You could catch frosty 2 footers this morning…with just you and 3 mates out along the whole beach… the extra low tide and lack of sand bank formations pushed many waves into closeouts. High tide 2pm, low tide 7:38am.

Beautiful light this morning. Nice and rich.

Don’t know if you saw it, but last night at sunset the most amazing light splashed across Bondi. It was a freak. I was surfing at the time (hence no photos) but I’ve never seen the skies so orange.

I just did my 10 minute scan over the weather charts – and what’s this? – a new ESE swell arriving tomorrow ….looking good. Especially Wednesday will be special. Have a great week. uge

Morning gulls

Phantom right...no one out. Only breaks on dead low

2ft, clean, frosty and only 4 guys out.

The natural sand movements creating banks (I hope)

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