Amazing colours this evening!

Bondi Spectrum

At 5pm today Bondi put on a pretty incredible sunset. At first a large cloud rolled over the bay – black and full of moisture. Then moments later a big burst of light lit up Bondi – baking the skies bright red like I’ve never seen before…throw in a couple of rainbows for good measure and it was quite an incredible scene down there. Only lasted around 5 minutes. Always cracks me up watching all the photographers racing around the bay looking for their secret lucky spot. Anyway, probably the best sunset I’ve seen down there. Have a good night – its pouring now ::uge

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26 thoughts on “Bondi Spectrum

  1. I was driving down onto campbell parade and nearly ran off the road because of that – couldn’t look away. That’s a brilliant shot – hope to see it available at the shop soon!

    1. Hey jamie – Insane huh. Think SMH are running it. I couldn’t believe the colours. Fumbled lenses, shooting as lenses rolling down the road…was over so quickly though. gotta love living in sydney ::uge

  2. You know when you get an off-schedule Bump that it’s going to be special! I saw this peculiar light bouncing off clouds cocooned by bricks on Warners Avenue and knew it would be awe-inspiring through the lens. Nice one mate.

    One suggestion – can/have you considered a range of smaller prints? There are so many moments I would have grabbed without hesitation but for the price. Don’t get me wrong, this photography is art, but if I impulse-purchased every time, I’d be on the street…


    1. Thanks Kris, yes, a very special sunrise tonight deserves a special Bump. (that could be Misconstrued!)
      Just so you know, I sell mini prints in the gallery for $35…mounted. They just aren’t available online.
      Come into the gallery in a couple of weeks, and they will be here…see you soon I hope. Uge

  3. Your pic gave me a wonderful warm smile this early evening. This is the Bondi I really, really love. Those afternoon storms blasting thru the Sydney basin like a steam train racing for the last stop at Bondi Bay in time for the setting sun… Magic! This is really what Sydney is all about. Thanks 🙂


  4. Thanks mate, you’re right, I should pop in more often… Let that be a lesson for all!

    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often
    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often
    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often
    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often
    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often
    I must visit the Aquabumps Gallery more often

    Keep on keeping on…

  5. Uge I’m a big fan of your work you always bring amazing shots to start the day, but this one is thrully amazing good job on capturing the moment!!! Cheers from the gold coast dan

  6. Ohhhh…
    I’ve spent the last hour immerse in nostalgic moments from my good times in Bondi and wondering if the distance makes them bigger or more beautiful… you’ve proved me wrong!
    thanks for that..

  7. Thanks for sending that shot out Uge. You do keep me going through the dull British summer with those sunrises, but that sunset is just awesome. Thank you!

  8. Unbelievable. I was indoors and had to go outside to see why everything was suddenly orange. Went down to the beach and it was just the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time, just back from the UK and it made me fall in love with Sydney all over again. Great shot.

  9. I was leaving work when I saw this intense orange color up in the sky and was thinking of that day when you just missed a similar scene because you were surfing…I am glad you captured this one – it’s truly an amazing photograph! I sure will be stopping by your gallery to purchase this one…

  10. good stuff uge, it was indeed a killer … one to remember
    stoked to see it from that angle now too
    i watched it all happening from my waterfront office at kirribilli – not only the heaven but also the inner harbour were on fire – absolutely made my day.

  11. AMAZING PHOTO!!!! You have some of the best beach/coast shots i have ever seen, well done and keep shoting. Very inspiring work

  12. Saw it all from my window but the bloody boyfriend had the camera with him at work! So extremely glad you managed to cap this one for us, now I can show him what I was raving on about last night:):)

  13. Hey Uge,

    So glad you got the rainbow, STUNNING shot. I grabbed my camera and ran like hell as soon as i saw the light go orange. Missed the rainbow but got some phenomenal shots of Bondi beach and the orange clouds across the water. I am still buzzing, makes you feel alive…:)

  14. Hey Uge, congrats on getting such a great shot! I was driving over the Coathanger and could hardly keep my eyes on the road, and by the time I got home to my camera the light was almost gone.

    The view from St. Leonards Park as it slowly faded was nothing short of spectacular… but your shot makes me miss my old Bondage haunt once again. It’s on my desktop now: thanks mate!

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