Arvo Shift

No real waves down the beach today – but the weather is making up for it. Are you kiddin’ – 24 degrees right now. Freak weather. Bondi is teeming with activity as everyone wagged work to spend the afternoon in the sun. How is the view from you cubicle – like this? The water is still a frosty 18 or 19, which will wake you up.

Random local action:

Bondi FM just opened up a cafe few doors up from the Aquabumps Gallery, 2/143 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach – give support homies. InfoMap
La Piadina Folded pizza across the road from the Beach road is one of the best hidden gems for lunch in Bondi. 106 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach Map
Iggy’s bakery – a well know family of bakers from Cambridge, Massachusetts have spread their wings to the chilled out pace of Bronte. Hard to believe you can get such a good sourdough from a unsigned gap in the wall on a back street of Bronte. Yep, forget the trip to Bourke Street bakery, goodness in the hood. See family baking history website or check the Map

Looks like Fiji in the corner there. Check the water

The amazing thing about bondi is there is always a wave

Azza Graham back on Duty at Bondi

Water is still frosty

3 thoughts on “Arvo Shift

  1. bondi massive have just opened a little space beside their hole in the wall too. it’s a great little sunny spot in the mornings.

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