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The incredible winter weather continues today. A sun baked morning down at Bondi with rich light and a small, but rideable 2 foot right hander in the middle.

Yesterday’s south swell has fallen thru. It wasn’t too bad yesterday on the low tide as hollow mini-pipes slapped against a very shallow bank. Gotta hate school holidays though…crowds were thick for a Monday…and to the high-school-15-year-old-Corey-Worthington-wanna-bees from upstairs that kept me up all night with your inebriated madness – didn’t sleep a wink – I’m kranky!

The forecast is for immaculate weather all week long. Yes, all week long. It’s warm enough to go to the beach (22 today) – not bad for peak winter. Swell will bottom out today and tomorrow, returning Thursday and Friday with a new south swell and northerly winds (perfect).

Completely Random facts about Aquabumps:

  • Uge is pronounced yooj (not oggie), and yes my real name is Eugene (as in the dork in Grease – yes)
  • “::” the double colons have no specific purpose for being there in the subject line of this email – I just used them years ago when this all started between mates…and If I drop them now it may spin people out
  • This email newsletter has been going for 10 years…that’s before the blogging phenomena. No medal required. Was interesting times.
  • Aquabumps is a made up word (daa) – and was the only domain I could get the .com for at the time that was decent and easy to spell (for most). This email didn’t have a name for many years.
  • People email me all the time saying they’ve been subscribing for 8 years. You poor sods. Having to listen this uneducated ramble every day. I never said I was a writer.
  • We shoot approximately 40-60 images a day and only 5 make it to the report
  • Every image is shot at 21 megapixel RAW. That’s a huge file (24mb each or 70mb tif each!). I have more hard drive space than Google and Nasa combined.
  • My father hasn’t got his head around what I do and still says to this day, “there might be a business in that email you send out”. I think he thinks he’s the only subscriber. (30,000 daily readers email and web combined)
  • Boost Mobile bought Aquabumps’s first water housing in year 2001. For no reason at all really. Nice of them. A cheque just rocked up.
  • Aquabumps uses Canon digi cameras, 1dsMkIII, 5dMKII with about 40 kilos of glassware. Also shoot on xpan hassleblads, fujugx617s and canon ixus’s

Just get a lot of questions on emails…so hopefully the above will clear a few.

Be sure to go outdoors at some stage today. Taboo to be indoors ::uge

Immaculate weather - 22 degrees today!

Alex, stylish carves

The regulars always know when a head dip is on offer

Luke Mussett, enjoying the hollowness at his local

7 thoughts on “Immaculate

  1. Uge, I feel your pain. I had a whole bunch of Corey’s keeping me up all night last night too… guess it’s payback from when I was a grom.

  2. Just to say I came over to OZ at the start of the year and now get bondi in my email every day – love it!

    Nice facts in todays issue! Wish I had your job…

  3. Loved those trivia bits Uge. But curious as to what a ‘water housing’ is exactly? Camera protection!?

  4. hey ::uge,
    absolutely LOVE your stuff. used to live in bondi but moved to bluer pastures (gold coast). your shots are outstanding (as if you didn’t already know) but your daily mails give me a huge lift whenever i look at them.
    btw: my daughter tami (who also is an old bondi bum and now lives in israel, put me on to your site.) Her favourite saying when on the beach is: “doesn’t anyone work in this town?”
    onya, mate!

  5. hey ::uge,

    Im looking for a pic you took that had a lady, a dog, a pushy and some surfboards propt against a caravan. It was one of your July/August 09 shoots. The location….Unknown???

    But really want to check out the photo again?

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