Not much doin' down here today

Week Off

Hope you filled your wave quotas last week, as this week the swell forecasts are looking grim. Good weather, but a dying East swell. From today on, the current 2 footers will fade into 0–1 footers so catchup on work.

Friday’s weather forecast is going to be 25 degrees though…maybe take that day off. Apart from that – not much else to write about. Been some hot waves around the place over the past few days, I’ve got a inbox of images from all over the NSW coastline. WOW, if you drove out of town last week – you scored.

ASP world tour boss, Brodie Carr was in Bondi this morning (just flew in from France). Could there be a tour stop in Bondi? Erm, na…sorry folks, not going to happen.


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ASP Surfing World Tour CEO Brodie Carr visits Bondi

Wave of the day...and it closed out.

Sunrise behind the clouds

Jono, I see this face every morning.

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