Middle peak has a small hungry pack on it (wobbly)

Mixed bag

We’ve been fed well by this consistent east swell all week. Yep, it’s still here and producing quality waves around the 4 foot mark at exposed beaches. Bondi wasn’t really happening at 2-3 foot and facing the wrong way, but I am sure you’d find something should you go have a good look around. SW winds 5-10 knots. High tide 2pm, Low tide 7:20am. 21 degrees on the land today, 17 in the water.

Small waves all weekend, but surfable (still East swell). 2-3 ft and NW winds. SMH are claiming Sunday to be 28 degrees and windy with a minimum of 10 degrees (18 degree variance). Is that a typo or sumpin?


On Wednesday night I launched a new photographic exhibition at the Aquabumps Gallery called AIRBORNE. They’re a series of aerial images taken from helicopters, an angle not commonly seen (especially through a huge lens). Shot last summer, the images blown up large show just how many people enjoy Bondi – and all the different shapes and sizes. You’re probably in one of the shots if you were down the beach on the 7th March or 21st March (Saturdays). The show is up and will be hanging for a few weeks – we’re open all weekend as usual 10-6 so drop by, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach T:91307788. More info | Opening Night Images


Flexibility is the key to surfing – just ask Gerry Lopez. If you’re feeling a bit stiff, book yourself into some weekend yoga workshops at Samudra. They’re giving away a weekend workshop. Click here to enter | www.samudra.com.au

Boot Camp

Size is still at East exposed beaches, bit wobbly though

Peak seems to be working ok

New Aerial Exhibition up now. Come see.

3 thoughts on “Mixed bag

  1. Again with the muted tones tomorrow (17/8), absolutely stunning. Feels serene and it’s something different and intriguing. Are you using a new lens or technique? I’ve searched back for a comment from you Uge to see if you’ve mentioned the change but can’t find anything.

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