Decent metro tube, water shooter in the right spot


The winters magic continues today and surf conditions seem better than yesterday.

Waves are maintaining 4-5 foot and consistent. Offshore winds are still here, grooming the swell into nice lines.

Great setup really, just need to go somewhere with some decent banks. The Bra had a few waves, but I have to say most sets closed out.
Go for a drive out of town, you will score for sure. It’s just one of those days…

Mentawai charter boat Tengirri are still taking a few bookings for early season 2010. Good time to go before the other boats even start their season. Contact or check out

Over and out::uge

machined to perfection by the overnight offshore

Leaning into the pocket in hope for a tube

Bomb in the corner - lone wolf scoring

Freighters rights

6 thoughts on “Bravissimo

  1. Wow! love the first two pics! How do you get such well balanced amazing shots?- I can imagine if its on proper ground so you can have a steady hand and compose such straight well balanced bands of landscape… but how do you do it in the ocean?? dont you get tossed around and twisted and churned and flung over waves with your camera???- a bit baffled!

  2. …You are a brillient man…thanks for all the joy you give through your incredibly beautiful work……..

  3. Why(perche)?bravissimo,do you speak italian…Uge.I am your italian’s fan that stay in bondi in march,i hope to come back in october to sydney, see you soon.
    PS:excuse me because, i dont know write in english.

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