The odd pipe in the north end...pretty straight

Chunky closeouts

All this spectacular, chunky, East swell is wasted on us in the east. Nowhere is handling it well.

Bondi faces too south and its hitting the beaches in the north end on a wrong angle – shuttin’ down.

A brief browse through the neighbouring beaches and I didn’t see anyone get a wave that didn’t close out.

What to do? Go north side perhaps, but I got feedback that it wasn’t that great over there either yesterday.

I am sure somewhere is smokin’ right now, you just gotta go have a good look and full tank of fuel.

Oh, and take it easy out there. The twins at Tama are taking victims…dramatic helicopter rescue yesterday as a surfer was lodged under the twins (Photos by Stirling Keen)

Later, uge

Surfer caught in the twins, photo Stirling Keen

The Big Gez MW not even paddling out.

See, big closeouts, no where to go

Geurs, lost his board on this one. Decent size

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