Tsunami off the Buckler.

Eastern closeouts

It had to rain eventually. Well it is winter and it hasn’t rained in about a month.

Today we have a new swell in town, one from the East. Even though it was quite consistent and packing plenty of punch, it was unsettled and lining up badly.

Bondi is pretty much useless on East swells anyway, they tend to just bash against the edge of Icebergs pool or fizz out the back of the Buckler.

I’d be checking out places like Manly, Bra etc for a wave today. Hell anywhere on the North side would be better than the 4 foot close outs we’ve got.

That NW wind is going to blow later 20 knots and the odd thunderstorm is forecasted. Good day to do some work.

Have fun, uge

PS – sunny and 23 degrees on Sunday. Plan something outdoors.

colourful morning, light trying to penetrate

La Gosh.

Henry's rights. Mainly closing out 4ft.

Sets in between rails

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