Bondi Shine

Probably the flattest day of the week today. You’ll struggle to get moving on those knee cappers out there. Even with a big chunk of fibreglass..yep…you’d have to be a highly motivated person to go surfing today…swim will wash the cobwebs off and advisable with the great weather.

Insane morning light today. At 6:10am strong hues of pink and orange smoked the skies. Jaw dropping stuff…and it all fades to flat greys in minutes.

Mentawai charter boat, Tengirri, still has a few spare spots on early season trips in 2010. I am going early season if you’re worried about not getting waves – I always get waves and have been 10 times (yeah spoilt). If you can’t book the whole boat out, email the boys and they’ll try fit you on with others (hopefully not hungry, hyper-active brazo pros). Email Ant Anthony@tengirri.com or check out their website www.tengirri.com

Random stuff:

  • We had killer whales (or Orcas) in Bondi on Tuesday. I tried to shoot them but they didn’t want appear above the surface.
  • You will not be surfing until at least mind next week. There is NOTHING on the swell radar. Try not to annoy your partner too much and do some other form of exercise as a release.
  • It’s going to be 25degrees tomorrow. WOW!

Adios, ugios (sorry about the late one, I wasn’t down the beach!)

Pool Closed for cleaning

Lone wolf chasing a fizzin' set in the cnr

Lisa and Jo Newman (miss bondi runner up)

exhibit A, insane light show this morning

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  1. Hi Eugene,
    Somehow I am now receiving your emails twice a day. Would it be possible to reduce me to one a day. Love your photos and look fwd to your daily emails.

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