Standups through the busted fence

Basking in the sun

Tough day to do the schlep into town and then sit in that cubicle… no waves but a mighty fine day out there. Magical 25 degrees, and the wind is going to blow 20 knots of NW. Will be still cold in the shade. Be sure to get some outdoor time at some stage.

I saw a few waves miraculously break on the bank in the south. Stand up paddlers have taken over the joint and about the only craft that can get on them. (wave size: between ankle and a short man’s knee high). No surf this weekend – forget the boards and spend quality time with the lady friend.


The Aquabumps gallery has a new exhibition up at the moment – and I’m pretty proud of it. The east wall is covered in aerial shots of Bondi…all from helicopters and shot last summer. It’s a perspective not many have seen before and hope you can come down for a look. People are blown away by the colour of the water and can’t believe we have such clear water in Bondi – yes, we do. Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788 (behind the old Bondi hotel next door to a TAB and video shop)

Samudra are doing yoga + surf retreats up at Byron bay Nov 14-21 2009. They’re offering Aquabumps readers 10% off if you bring a friend. Bring the flex back to your surfing.

later honks::uge

Big John and his black beauty

India Vidler out every morning

Hive of activity down there this morning

Morning swimmers braving the chill

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