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balmy bondi

A bit like Britney Spears, I’m confused when getting dressed in the morning. Dress warm for winter? Shorts? It was filthy warm this morning – 21 degrees at 7am in fact – incredible for winter. Out west they’re going to hit 27 degrees today.

There is no confusion about the surf. Half a foot to a shorties knee cap. Great day for beginners or long boarders and sup contraptions. The wind is going to rip through this town today. 33 knots of NW will blow the tumbleweed down George street. Hope you brought in the washing.

Have a good week. Fine weather (again) all week and no surf until Friday::uge

PS – all images today shot with the new Canon 5D MKII which I have been neglecting in the camera bag. Will shoot daily with it now.

Spot, not happy with slow coaches

Pre-chill impact (it ain't warm in the water)

Clouds have covered now. Pancakes in the corner


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