Windswept beach


Gale force WNW winds are ripping through Sydney decimating the micro swell. Bondi was 1 foot, and as always, 3 guys out. Nothing happening over the next few days, not unless you’re a windsurfer….howling for dayz. Best go do some work.

Taste Orange @ Bondi

where the country meets the coast
Wineries, producers, artists and musicians from the Orange region are preparing to descend on Bondi for the third annual Taste Orange @ Bondi event taking place from August 24 – 30.

The week will again culminate in Taste Orange Sunday on 30 August at the Bondi Pavilion, featuring up to 40 wine, food, accommodation, golfing and tourism operators 11am to 5pm.

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I get a lot of email probably like you do. This email from a  reader made me laugh when I logged on this morning:

“Hi Eugene,

I am currently in the throes of labour as I write this email. Hopefully bub will arrive today (the 25th). Realise it is windy but we would love for you to capture images of Bondi in the early morning or during the day (if the weather gets more dramatic!). I will certainly check out the aqua bumps website for today when we have a chance. We would then be keen to purchase from shots from your store to keep for our bub into the future as a permanent record of the sunrise on the day he or she arrives! “

Luckily I am down there every morning! ::uge

You'd feel like a crumbed sausage looking for your towel

If you're a grom you'll think its pumping



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