That’ll be right…I leave town for 1 week and the world’s largest sand storm blows through Sydney. To reiterate, I am in Fiji (not Bondi) at the moment, which means I have no photos of the sand storms (I have 1.2 million emails requesting images). Sorry – can’t be everywhere. From the photos I’ve seen – it looked amazing down at Bondi around 5am.

Not too shabby here in Fiji though… Waves are 3 feet on the incoming tide…clear skies and crystal clear water. Chartered a chopper today to get a fresh perspectives of the aquatic playground surrounding this tiny island…fortunately the winds held off as the 22 island guests were out on their daily activities. Got some insane shots out of the 1,500 taken…soon to be revealed.

Hope the office cubicle is looking like this good. Have a great day:: uge

Our home for this week (shot 1 hr ago)

Graz pullin' the cat in

Lucy McBurney - chill

Poppy Wise showing up the boyz.

4 thoughts on “Elevation

  1. Come on, uge – you must have a red filter somewhere in your kit. You could at least have given today’s post the right colour cast. . .

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