Jules Webster, all the way from Berlin


Bula. No waves here in Fiji today. Pretty much flat and a bit of wind (should be right for the kites later). To keep everyone away from the bar we’ve distracted them with underwater activities and a few photos sessions.

Waves will be back tomorrow so it’s a good opportunity to let the sunburn settle and do something else. Hope you’re getting waves back in Bondi – heard it’s been hot.

Fri 25th Sept 6pm at Gertrude and Alice on Hall Street Bondi, Jamail Yogis, the author of Saltwater Buddha, A Surfers Quest to find Zen on the Sea, will be talking about his journey – free event – just rock up.

Vinaka ::uge

Storm approaching, empty beach

Coral beach

Graeme Conway,taking time out from his London cubicle

Underwater group shot.

11 thoughts on “Bula

  1. WHY must you be overseas for the epic dust storm hitting Sydney.
    I actually woke up keen to see what type of photos you would produce.

    So disappointed.

    1. I can’t believe it. inbox is full – heard about the unbelievable sand storm – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
      I wait years for those rare moments of BONDI. Oh well, its not too bad here. Hiring a chopper tomorrow.
      Bula, uge

      A reader just send these images in.

  2. I was momentairly sad when i opened your newsletter today, and realised that you werent in Sydney to capture the glorious dust storm that evaded Sydney.

    However like every other day, regardless of your location i was memorised by your photos!

    I love watching you in action when i run past in the mornings, i continuously have my eye out to spot you, to see what you have seen that i have not!


  3. Strangest morning in living memory today in Sydney – a thick red dust cloud settled in like a crazy, end of world fog – not sure how much photo material would have been out there at dawn, but it would have been spectacular in a eerie kind of way.

  4. Uge mate, what spectacular photos today.. The water is so clear!
    Don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a massive sandstorm in Sydney today blowing in from the west, made some great colours.. 5am the sky was blood red!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Fiji mate,
    cheers ell

  5. Uge, I too was thinking about you and what your camera’s eye missed this morning. Very apocalyptic. I get the feeling alot of Australians are feeling very united in their Aussieness today with the dust blowing from one side of the country to the other and getting into the cracks of the pavement with sprinkles of orange. The wireless tells me we’ve not seen a dust storm like this since 1944! Hope you get to see it from over there…Fiji looks amazing.

  6. Being a photographer and all,
    I’m sure this could be the only time in history that a person could regret being in Fiji…

    or not.

    cause, in the end, it’s a pretty horrible day here.
    But, unique nonetheless.

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