Fijian Blues

Aquabumps is going to be broadcast from the little island of Namotu this week (that’s Fiji). It’s heaven over here.

The colours of this place are insane. Clearest blue water in the world I’d say. Sometimes I’d be shooting something (like the boat shot) and even I can’t believe the fluoro hues that are flash up on my camera back.

Not many surfing shots today – even though it’s been 3 foot for the first couple of days – I’m having a break from chasing board riders and actually gettin’ a few for myself.

Later, uge

Clearest water in the world - -for real

Mick Malouf, clear water glide

Sammy Cockle, sideways duckdive

Mermaid? Kate Ferris

6 thoughts on “Fijian Blues

  1. Jealous? Yes
    Are you lucky? Yes
    17 degrees in Perth with rain? No

    Unreal man. It just looks like some massive natural backyard pool with barrels. Sick

  2. I absolutely believe that mermaids are real. The oceans of the world cover 70 to 75 percent of the world! It’s the last “frontier”. We are still discovering new species of fish and marine life, so why not? Just look at the evolution of mammals. Why couldn’t humans evolve into mermaids????

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