Spring coiled, ready to unload.

tsunami in Samoa

The swell has dropped a gear or so, but surface quality has improved thankfully.

Bondi is breaking around 2-3 foot, and a shallow south end bank was starting to switch on – and so did a powerful rip that sucks you out to New Zealand.

We’re expecting this dead south swell to drop right off after lunchtime today, giving it a rest for a couple of days, before a new swell arrives on Friday.

Nw winds now, NE later today (10 – 15 knots) High tide 5:40am, low tide 11:20am. Water is f-f-f-f-f-f-f-reezing this morning. Got a brain freeze after my first dunk – but hey, I’ve been in the Fiji and might just be a wuss.

Huge earthquake off Samoa this morning which has stirred a deadly tsunami. Worst affected area is Samoa – Salani surf camp (near the famous wave Coconuts) has been destroyed. Namotu (the island I was just on in Fiji) has been evacuated…but no Tsunami has rolled through there – all safe. I bet the boys didn’t leave the bar anyway. Say a pray for the people of Samoa as the death toll rises.

Adios, uge

Mini curl in the south

Joe Dirt from Surfculture heading out before work

Joe pulling into a imaginary barrel

Hanging with the groms

10 thoughts on “tsunami in Samoa

  1. hey uge thanks for the photo of me just to let you know i am the grom that was out this moring and hopefully see u out there tomorrow moring cause i am pretty much out every morin !!!!

  2. Hey Uge
    I used to check ur website in my laptop, now it’s easier with this app.
    btw I have canon 50d and 24-70L2.8
    What do I need to shoot surfers inside the water? Which housing is the best?

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