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the bird flies north

It’s quite disturbing sitting on a patch of grass at South Bondi, watching 3-4 foot sets close out straight along the whole beach. What a waste. All this swell and nothing doin’…If only we had a reef or a decent bank that could hold waves over 2 foot.

The long period ground swell has arrived kids. But you’ll need to pack the wagon and head to another beach that is working.

I don’t think this swell will hang around long, as it is peaking right now. 2 footers tomorrow.

The Bird is flying North…
Yep, chopper shots over Manly way…
And you can be a part of it…this SUNDAY, 1 NOV 12-1pm

If you live over Manly way, we’re coming over with the helicopter this Sunday between 12pm to 1pm. Loads of people always come into the Bondi gallery, and say a) shoot more northern beaches please or, b) wish I was in one of these shots – just one of the little people in the crowds. Well, here is your chance…should the weather behave we’ll be hovering over Freshy/Manly for a 1 hr shoot, capturing similar stuff to my recent AIRBORNE exhibition that has been well received. Tips to get in a good shot: Do something different…swim out into deeper water…bright towels (so you can find yourself later), umbrellas etc. Looks like 27 degrees and fine for a beach day, hope the colours come up like this

Have a great weekend :: uge

The bomb right hander in the cnr. 3 foot.

the birds

Early morning cloud cover


4 thoughts on “the bird flies north

  1. Hate to tell you but had you been at the beach at 6am you would have scored some nice 2 ft left handers which had a nice wall in the middle. Most people wanted the big ones that went no where but just on the inside where some sweet ones. I got two – my first and last and boy did my day start on the right note.

    have a great weekend

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