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The monday detox

I know I said there would be no waves over the weekend – and there were, especially last night (3ft)…well…sorry…it was a pretty localised swell and snuck under the radar. Today’s waves have dropped slightly but there are still fun ones out there. After a foggy, overcast start to the day we’ve been blessed with another bakin’ hot summer’s day.

Couple of peaks at Bondi, 2 very shallow banks producing waves in the 2 foot range – the rip was horrendous and hindering my water shooting today – only got a couple of shots!

NE winds will dominate and blow 15-20 knots (strong) whilst a lurking mild south change will cool things down later tonight. The buoys are calling a small spike in swell on Wed and some waves on Saturday – but nothing major.

Hawaii – a massive swell is about to hit. Woowee. It’s going to be off the hook. The Eddie? Looks like it’s going to over 20 foot Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – that exceeds the event’s required minimum for the event to run.


Silly season is here and Bondi is jammed packed these days. Yesterday was a MASSIVE day down the beach – half of Europe has arrived. There was a party on every street of Bondi last Sat. Well it’s Monday, so I’d expect quite a few of you are feeling sorry for yourself. I am trying out a detox diet from Eat Fit Food…which, I gotta say is working out quite nicely. 3 meals a day rock up to my front door every morning…with all kinds of healthy stuff that’s cleaning out the colon. Try it, it’s a local Bondi business.

Shark attack victim, Glenn Orgias back out on a shortboard


The limestone towers

Eveyone keeps asking me about this beach - so here it is.

2 thoughts on “The monday detox

  1. 56$ /day for the detox meal, which comes cold, and in disposable containers, thats faantastic.
    ever heard about recycling?
    when i did community service it was called “meals on wheels”

    1. Hi Hank, well it does come cold, but you heat them up in 2 mins (that’s not too hard) – they couldn’t come hot anyway – not 3 meals. I thought it was $30 a day. also, I recycle the containers for dinner leftovers.
      Have you tried it? Aren’t you up in QLD?

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