Garrick, up for the early


In stark contrast to yesterday we’ve got overcast skies, drizzle, onshore winds and 2-3 footers – oh, and a empty Bondi beach. Barely anyone around…as it’s no pretty picture down there. Maybe wait until it cleans up tomorrow. Small waves all week mostly in the 2-3ft range. Only 22 degrees on the land today, the coolest day of the week.

Mick Eugene Fanning has won the world tour at Pipe yesterday…after edging out his childhood mate Joel Parkinson. The aussies are back on top of the surfing ladder in positions 1 & 2. This is Mick’s second world title after his 2007 win. Well done Mick.

Adios, uge

Massive crowds down at Bondi on the weekend

Ben Lucas is somewhere in there under all that beard

Doggercam - Mac

Sliding thru the foam

2 thoughts on “Contrast

  1. Hi Uge. There was some talk that you were in the chopper hovering above south Bondi when the shark alarm went off on Saturday morning. If it’s true do you have any pics and/or info about exactly what it was swimming around?

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