Dolphins in the bay today, came in close


Definitely not a surfing day… Lake Bondi had a 0.5 to 1ft dribble…with the odd 2 foot freak set.
A pod of dolphins were having a Christmas party in the bay. They hung around for an hour or so, weaving in and out of surfers legs…puttin’ on a show.

The early morning clouds have now burnt off exposing 27 degrees of sunshine. Go swim. Do-it.

Tomorrow looks better for a wave as the NE swell machine kicks in and you should find 3 footers at most exposed beaches. Best wait until then.

If you want to see what the beach looks like 300 ft up, like my aerial shots, have a fly in this puppy, the Red Baron.

Enjoy silly season, uge

PS – Tonight watch Channel Ten’s 7pm Project, they currently broadcasting from Bondi…and the ‘Bumps has snuck in there for a story.

This is about all you could expect down there today

Mr Bondi - Henry Crouch post bay lap

The Silverman Family


5 thoughts on “Pod

  1. Right, but no more from the last one? I know it was very windy, but we were in the northern corner of Freshy where it was pretty protected.

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