Belting the shorey

onshore galore

Easterlies are the devil wind for us….basically messes up most locations. Disappointing morning down at Bondi, a small crew grovelling over 1-2 foot slop. The rest of the week looks like there is a strong easterly swell, but it’s going to also be onshore until Friday…so the options are narrow. I like Thursday at dusk and Friday for the best surf days of this week. It’s good to see some decent digits on the swell charts for a change.

1,864 people have joined our Facebook fan page in 6 weeks or so. Nice. It’s where we stick up little travel hints and bits and pieces that maybe aren’t appropriate for the blast out to 30,000. go here to join up. I promise the content will be different to the site and interesting.

In my former life I worked with a lot of smart people. Some of them were undiscovered geniuses and have created the Aquabumps site and iphone app. Well, one of them split off and started an interesting site called URworld. It’s like an online Luxe guide using google maps showing you the cool stuff (not the mainstream stuff). Here is Bondi…if you’re not from around here you can find a decent place to eat, drink and shop. But you can also check out other locations like NYC . Ok, enough torkin’ it up.

Adios, uge

A wave for very small people

One of the best surfers in Bondi, Luke Mussett

Jono, all wound up.

There is always 1 in the crowd

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