Random peaks


These big early morning high tides are porkin’ up anything moving out there. South facing Bondi was a dribbly 1-2 foot, still struck by the weed monster. Maroubra was a better option with a junkie 2-3ft, but super fat, onshore and random. I think if you drove around town you’d find something, especially northern beaches, but with a good swell all week I’d wait for a better day to do that.

Think I missed a good sunrise this morning. I saw the remnants of a subtle cloud thru the blinds and knew I’d slept way too long. By the time I got down there it was hues of greydom.

The Indo Odyssey

Jim Banks, the veteran indo explorer, is taking guests thru the surf infested archipelago. If you want to join his expeditions, and tired of surfing with 2000 people at Bondi, book yourself into therapy and a Indo trip. His intention is to hunt down surf breaks that are relatively unknown. More Info


Finally, one with a bit of wall.

Seagull landing pit

Sth end, long bottom turn

2 thoughts on “Burgers

  1. your pictures are so crystalline..can u say this in english?! beautiful images…I was just wandering among bali pictures after my first trip there! gorgeous!

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